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Grammar. Your teacher will ask you to watch grammar videos. They will be in the ELO of magister. If there's a malfuntion (it doesn't work) or when you want to watch another video about the same subject to understand the subject even better (sometiomes it helps when it is explained in a different way), you can find videos on youtube yourself. Of course, we want to you only use good videos, so here's a list of grammar video producers on youtube that are trustworthy and good explainers:



-English for PROs


In youtube, type the name of the subject (e.g. personal pronouns) together with the name of the video producers above and you'll get an explanation that is good according to your teacher.


Want more practice? Go to the page "Grammar - year 1" on this website.



Here's the link to the website of the Community Kindness Project: http://ckp.jouwweb.nl/ 


Please find example sentences for a letter of application here: